Fuel Uplifts

Fleet of Uplift Vehicles

Whether its excess fuel stock that needs to be removed to a split tank, Mitchell & Webber Services can assist with an emergency or planned fuel uplifting.

Ways uplifting can be used:

  • Emptying temporary generator fuel tanks: hired in fuel storage tanks can be emptied before lifting or returning to the hire agency, our tankers are equipped to empty theses bunded fuel storage tanks.
  • Marine vessels: if vessels require hot works or visual inspection then we will be able to send our defueling vehicles your vessel, if required we can set up additional pumping systems if the vessel cannot discharge fuel onto our tankers.
  • Bulk fuel installation: if your tanks require cleaning then we can uplift the fuel to allow you to start works.
  • Split or Leaky Oil Tank: we are able to offer a pump out service to domestic clients with split plastic heating oil tanks or to the larger commercial clients that have or suspect their tank is leaking.

Products uplifted:

  • Diesel Fuels (Gas oil, DERV).
  • Heating oils (Kerosene).
  • Petrol (Motor Spirit).

Our teams are available for planned and callouts.

Why not try out fuel storage services as well?

Rather than disposing of good product we can store the fuel offsite in licenced and insured compound and return when convenient for you, this proves to be a cheaper option than disposing and buying new fuel again. 

Marine fuel Uplifts
Fuel Uplifting navy

Services at a Glance

  • Diesel (Gas Oil & Derv) Uplifts
  • Heating Oils (Kersoene) Uplifts
  • Petrol (Motor Spirit) Uplifts
  • ADR Vacuum Tankers
  • ADR Multi Pot Tankers
  • 38,000 litres to 10,000 litre
  • 24/7 Service
  • National coverage
  • 500,000 litre tankage to temporarily hold fuels