Offsite Fuel Storage

Secure Fuel Depot

Our offsite fuel storage service is specially designed to save you money rather than potentially paying for fuel to be disposed of.

Key points of offsite fuel storage service is:

  • Our depot is secure.
  • Fully licenced by the Environment Agency for the storage of fuel.
  • Your fuel is fully insured while stored within our tanks.

We can provide specialist fuel analysis reports which are carried out in a UKAS approved laboratory, this is done on first receiving the fuel and on point of re-delivery.

Optional Extras:

If you have concerns with fuel performance or have experienced issues then we are able to filter the fuel down to 25-0.5µm or to various different micron levels as required.

Additive package
We can offer a variety of different additives packages to the fuel that is stored at our facility upon request, from anti & kill fuel bug to water dissolving and emission lower. Rest assured that we can find the right additive package for you.

Packages offer

  • Anti-Bug – Fuel soluble biocide and preservative.
  • Fuel Bug Kill Dose – corrective additive package.
  • Fuel Store Plus - specially formulated to protect fuels and fuel systems where fuel is stored for long periods of time and/or the associated equipment is used only infrequently.
  • Gas Oil Conditioner - provides an all-in-one treatment for gas oil. It will improve day to day running of diesel engines and will stabilise fuel during storage.
  • Marine Fuel Conditioner - is a multi-functional fuel additive package suitable for use with Gas Oil and Marine Gas Oils (MGO) including all grades of distillate marine fuels; DMA, DMB, DMX, DMZ used in high speed diesel engines. it allows for the decrease in fuel sulphur content and provides protection against contamination with FAME (biodiesel).
Fuel Storage

Services at a Glance

  • Secure Fuel Storage
  • Fully Licenced
  • Your Fuel is Insured
  • Fuel Purchased and Stored
  • Cost Saving
  • Fuel Polishing
  • Segregated Tanks
  • Redelivery in Part or Full