Fuel Polishing

Expert Technicians

As fuel storage tanks age and with the introduction of FAME in Gas Oil, Fuel husbandry is becoming increasingly more and more important. 

It is a fact that particles and water build up in storage tanks and can create what is known as the ‘Fuel Bug’ and deposits of sludge.  Whilst additives may help treat the bug, the best way to eradicate the bug and sludge is through Fuel Polishing and tank cleaning.

If required, we can also clean your tank if there is any clingage to the sides and bottom.  Our expert technicians can advise on effective methods to combat the future build up and help devise a testing and maintenance schedule for your fuel storage.

fuel polishing
fuel polishing tractor

Services at a Glance

  • All Tanks Catered For
  • All Fuels Filtered
  • Emergency Filtering
  • Prevents Breakdowns
  • Combats Future Build Ups