Liquid Waste Disposal

Waste Carriers

All Companies have a duty of care in regards to liquid wastes and fuels. Oils mixed with water are deemed an environmental hazard and require disposal which complies with environmental regulations, guidance for pollution prevention and the waste classification guidance.

Mitchell & Webber Support Services can offer complete waste solutions and can quickly respond to help prevent pollutants escaping into the surrounding environment.

Mitchell Webber operate under an upper tier waste carriers licence as well as complying to Carriage of Dangerous Goods and ADR requirements.

If required, we are able to package the waste ready for disposal in UN approved containers for transport and haul the waste away for offsite disposal.

Typically, pollutants occur in:

  • Water in fuel tank bottoms
  • Bunds of storage tanks
  • Ship bilges / Slopes
  • Interceptors / silt traps
  • Petrol Forecourts
  • Wash bays
waste disposal liquid 850

Pollutants occur in:

  • Liquid Wastes
  • Oil Water Residues
  • Contaminated Water
  • Solid Wastes
  • Hazardous Wastes