Bund Integrity & Repair

Bund Maintenance & Repair

Mitchell & Webber provides the perfect solution for bund maintenance & repair, we have variety of solutions to help your assets mitigate the effects of erosion and corrosion.

Our methods are applied in a way that does not require the need for any hot works and are suitable for cold curing applications.

We have a selection of products at our disposal such as a lightweight fire-resistant composite repair material suitable for overhead applications to a very specialised product that offers high temperature and excellent chemical resistance.

Solutions are suitable for the following surfaces:

  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Glass(fiber) Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP)


  • Chemical storage tank bund lining.
  • Oil storage tank bund lining.
  • Food grade bunds that require chemical cleaning.
  • Pump rooms.
  • Piping ducts.

We can help prevent your next potential environmental incident with our preventative maintenance.

Services at a Glance

  • Mitigate Erosion & Corrosion
  • Lightweight Fire-Resistant Composites
  • Chemical & Oil Bund Lining
  • Food Grade Bunds
  • Pump Rooms & Piping Ducts
  • Overhead Applications