Mitchell & Webber Services

Energy Policy

Our declaration of commitment

As part of our business strategy and energy management, we are committed to responsible energy use and will practice energy efficiency in all premises, vehicles, vessels, plant and equipment, wherever it is cost effective.


Our policy is to control energy consumption to:

  • Avoid unnecessary expenditure.
  • Improve cost-effectiveness and productivity.
  • Enhance working conditions.
  • Improve our environmental performance.
  • Contribute to corporate social responsibility.


Our long-term objectives are to:

  • Buy electricity and fuels at the most economic cost.
  • Utilise energy as efficiently as we practically can.
  • Reduce the amount of pollution and GHG emissions caused by our energy consumption.
  • Reduce, wherever possible, our dependence on fossil fuels, through the use of on-site and renewable energy.
  • Review our energy performance regularly and seek continual improvement.
  • Review our energy objectives and targets annually.

Immediate Aims:

  • To gain control over our energy consumption by reviewing and improving our purchasing, operating, training and communication.
  • To invest in a rolling programme of energy-saving measures which have, at the most, a two year pay back.
  • To set up a reporting system which gives useful, timely information to decision-makers.

Approval for this statement

Robert Weedon
Managing Director
22 January 2024